MBB Class of 2017

Congratulations to the MBB Class of 2017

Mind Brain Behavior extends warm congratulations to its Class of 2017. We celebrated our graduating track and secondary students with a senior recognition ceremony held the morning of Wednesday, May 24th at the Harvard Faculty Club. The event included remarks by MBB Standing Committee co-chair Florian Engert (Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology, FAS), MBB Initiative Co-Director Alfonso Caramazza (Daniel and Amy Starch Professor of Psychology, FAS), MBB faculty member Edward Kravitz (George Packer Berry Professor of Neurobiology, HMS), and graduating senior Layla Stahr ’17. We are proud of our graduates, wish them all the very best in their coming endeavors, and look forward to their future accomplishments.

Taiga Abe, Neurobiology Track

Niya Avery, MBB Secondary

Enchi Chang, Neurobiology Track

Angelica Clayton, MBB Secondary

Katie Cohen, History and Science Track

Stephanie Deccy, MBB Secondary

Micah Gellman, Neurobiology Track

Caroline Gentile, Neurobiology Track

Isobel Green, MBB Secondary

Marwa Harp, MBB Secondary

Meghan Hind, Neurobiology Track

Eric Hollenberg, MBB Secondary

Ailsa Jeffries, MBB Secondary

Angela Jiang, MBB Secondary

Eleni Kovatsis, Neurobiology Track

Priscilla Lee, MBB Secondary

Hannah Leverson, Human Evolutionary Biology Track

Julia Lord, Neurobiology Track

Deirbhile Martin, MBB Secondary

Adriana Mendez Leal, Neurobiology Track

Cynthia Okamoto, Neurobiology Track

Udodiri Okwandu, History and Science Track

Halie Olson, Neurobiology Track

Shivangi Parmar, Human Evolutionary Biology Track

Justin Sanchez, Neurobiology Track

Emma Satterthwaite Muresianu, Neurobiology Track

Layla Stahr, Neurobiology Track

Georgia Stirtz, Neurobiology Track

Julia Thomas, MBB Secondary

Julia Versel, MBB Secondary

Yi Zhang, Neurobiology Track