Congratulations to the 2021 Mary Gordon Roberts Summer MBB Thesis Fellows!

May 27, 2021

MBB has selected its Mary Gordon Roberts Thesis Fellows for summer 2021. These undergraduates will be conducting senior thesis research this summer, and their fellowships include grants to enable this research. Support for these fellowships have been provided by Mary Gordon Roberts, the Gordon family, and the Office of the President and Provost. We congratulate our 2021 Fellows, listed below with concentration, project, and project advisor, and wish them a productive summer of research!

Hannah Alton
(Neuroscience), Developing Human Stem Cell Models to Probe Mechanisms of Therapeutic Psychedelics (advisor Stephen Haggarty, HMS)

Sheila De La Cruz (Neuroscience), Child Opportunity Index (COI) as a Moderator Variable for the Association of Maternal Depression with Infant EEG Power (advisor Charles Nelson, HMS)

Tomás Guerrero-Jaramillo (Philosophy), Reconciling Science and Its Critique (advisor Bernhard Nickel, Philosophy/FAS)

ndrew Siyoon Ham (Neuroscience), The Influence of Neuronal Signaling on Macrophages (advisor Clifford Woolf, HMS)

Katrina Hon (Neuroscience), Sexual Dimorphism of the Hippocampus Structure and Function in Psychosis (advisor Marek Kubicki, HMS)

Pechthida Kim
(Psychology), Lifelines: Summarizing the Pattern of a Meaningful Life (advisor Tomer Ullman, Psychology/FAS)

Elizabeth Kinard (Neuroscience), Neurobiological Causes for Opioid Withdrawal-induced Changes in Feeding Behavior (advisor Elena Chartoff, HMS)

aroline Kremer (Neuroscience), Behavioral Model of Hyperacusis and Resulting Cortical Hyperactivity (advisor Daniel Polley, HMS)

Nadya Nfaoui (History and Science), Colonial Psychiatry in the Maghreb (advisor Iman Darwish, History of Science/FAS)

Abbey Pan
(Neuroscience), Identifying Structural Changes and Molecular Markers of Exercise-Induced Neuroplasticity (advisor Christiane Wrann, HMS)

Karina Pimenta (Neuroscience), ZIKV Project: Data Analysis on Neurodevelopment (advisor Charles Nelson, HMS)

Chloe Saracco (Psychology), The Role of Emotion in Cognitive Restructuring and Memory Updating (advisor Elizabeth Phelps, Psychology/FAS)

Kush Sharma (Computer Science), Combining Uncertainty Quantification and Compressed Sensing for Biological Experiment Design (advisor Brian Cleary, Broad Institute)

Jason Shen (Neuroscience), Mapping VTA-Originating Sociability Circuits in Mice (advisor Matthew Anderson, HMS)

oya Surani (Neuroscience), Determining the Relationship between Maternal Distress and Children's Executive Functioning (advisor Nadine Gaab, GSE)

Oliver Sussman (Neuroscience), (Implied) Agent Animacy and the Action Recognition Network (advisors Seda Akbiyik, Psychology/FAS & Alfonso Caramazza, Psychology/FAS)



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