Bill Carlezon

Professor of Psychiatry and Neuroscience
Harvard Medical School
McLean Hospital

Dr. Carlezon is primarily interested in the biological basis and treatment of psychiatric illness, specifically nature/nurture issues as they relate to...

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Elena Chartoff

Assistant Professor, Psychiatry & Neuroscience
Harvard Medical School
Director, Neurobiology of Motivated Behavior Laboratory, McLean Hospital

My lab is interested in the molecular and neural circuit-based mechanisms that underlie drug addiction. We are particularly interested in how negative affective states (depression, anxiety, etc) that precede drug taking or emerge with drug withdrawal contribute to addictive behavior. We use rodent models of drug-taking behavior and we study males and females in parallel so we can be sensitive to possible sex differences.


Laura Cornelissen

Instructor in Anesthesia, Boston Children’s Hospital

Dr Cornelissen’s research aims to understand the impact of anesthesia and prolonged sedation on brain development in human infants. Currently, she is using electroencephalography (EEG) to explore (1) how healthy infants respond to different types of general anesthesia; and (2) how repeated anesthesia or prolonged sedation in early life affect network connectivity and trajectories of neurodevelopment. She also studies the neurophysiology of pain in childhood, particularly conditions of chronic pain such as juvenile idiopathic arthritis.


Julian De Freitas

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Harvard Business School

I study ethical intelligence— the cognitive tools that people need in order to coordinate in social life, as when using the same products, buying beers that will be enjoyed by others at a party, and conforming to community standards or being viewed as popular. I study both how ethical intelligence works at a basic level, and how it intersects with business at an applied level:... Read more about Julian De Freitas


Sharon Dekel

Assistant Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry
Harvard Medical School
Massachusetts General Hospital

We study the biological and psychological mechanisms involved in optimal adaptation of mothers following the landmark event of childbirth, the disruption of which may pose an enduring threat to the development of the offspring.... Read more about Sharon Dekel


Francis J Doyle

John A. and Elizabeth S. Armstrong Professor of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Our group works in the field of systems biology, where we apply systems theoretic approaches to integrate experimental and computational research. Of... Read more about Francis J Doyle