Programmer: Mouse-Tracking Experiment (summer)

Programmer: Mouse-Tracking Experiment
Maya Mathur, Biostatistics, Chan School of Public Health
summer 2018

We are seeking to hire someone to program a customized psychology experiment using mouse-tracking and timing. Pay is negotiable. Any software can be used, including the paid version of Qualtrics or any free platform, as long as it yields an online questionnaire that is accessible via URL and can be reproduced (e.g., by importing a file or preferably by copying code). Experiment Information: The experiment is a binary categorization task as follows. We have a library of image stimuli from which the program must select a random subset of 30 to present to the subject in randomized order. Then, each subject will proceed through three blocks. Block 1: The subject will rate each of the 30 stimuli (shown in randomized order) on a continuous visual analog scale similar to Figure 1. Block 2: The subject will be shown the same 30 faces in the same order as in Block 1. For each, the subject’s cursor should start in a standardized location on the screen that is equidistant between two option buttons (“Robot” and “Human”; see Figure 2). The subject will then move the cursor to select either “Robot” or “Human” (Figure 2, blue zigzag). The program should track the cursor trajectory by sampling X and Y coordinates at fine-grained time intervals. (Ultimately, we will calculate the measures listed in the legend of Figure 1, but the program itself need not calculate these; we can compute them ourselves from the sampled X, Y, and time values.) The time elapsed between when each stimulus is first presented and when the subject clicks on either “Robot” or “Human” should be recorded. Block 3: This will be identical to Block 1 except that the text on the visual analog scale will differ. Block 4: The subject will answer basic demographic questions. Throughout the study, the subject should not be allowed to skip any questions. To Apply: To inquire, please email Maya Mathur ( briefly describing relevant experience, the platform you would use, and your compensation rate and approximate timeframe for completing the project. (posted 7/2018)



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