Research Assistant Position: Thermal Preferences in Fruit Flies

Research Assistant Position: Thermal Preferences in Fruit Flies
Prof. Ben de Bivort, Organismic and Evolutionary Biology/FAS
fall 2018

Project Description and Duties: We are currently studying how thermal preference in fruit flies changes over the seasons and across geographic locations. The project involves testing the thermal preference of wild-caught fruit flies using an established assay, performing DNA extraction, PCR, and gel electrophoresis to recover species identities, and general fly husbandry to maintain stocks.
Requirements and Expectations:
Skills required: Previous experience with fruit flies, pipetting, and sterile technique is preferred, but all interested applicants are welcome to apply. Number of hours: 10 - 15 hours per week is ideal, but the hours are negotiable depending on circumstances. Additional Information: Learning outcomes: Broadly applicable molecular techniques, familiarity with using model organisms to study behavior, experimental design. Mentoring: A 5th year graduate student and 2nd year graduate student will be the mentors. They will be working side-by-side with the undergraduate researcher. The undergraduate researcher is welcome and highly encouraged to attend group meetings, but it is not required. Student stipend: $15 per hour or up to $3000 a year through the Faculty Aide Program. Course credit: Course credit is also available if desired. To Apply: Please email your resume/CV and a cover letter to and/or The cover letter should be a paragraph about your interests, any previous relevant experience, and a couple of sentences on what you would like to gain from this experience. (posted 9/2018)