Research Assistant Positions: Dual Energy Computer Tomography (CT) Assessments after Stroke


Research Assistant Positions: Dual Energy Computed Tomography (CT) Assessments after Stroke
Dr. Rajiv Gupta (MD, PhD) and Dr. Can Ozan Tan (PhD, FAHA), Departments of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital) and Radiology (Massachusetts General Hospital), Harvard Medical School
spring 2017

Project Description: Dynamic Imaging and Neuro-Intervention Guidance Using Dual Energy CT: Translation into Practice - Primary aim of this research is to develop new methodologies using Dual Energy Computed Tomography for assessment of hematoma expansion after intracranial hemorrhage and collateralization after ischemic stroke (see PMID 27399237, PMID 27322974, and PMID 23920016 for recent publications on the topic). No prior research experience is required. Students will be provided appropriate training in human subject protection and good clinical practice. Students will be able to gain basic knowledge of human physiology and neuroscience, introductory experience in clinical data acquisition (Dual Energy CT), and in data analysis methods (basic statistical methods) and medical image processing, as well as experience in scientific method and writing. Students will be mentored by the PI and co-investigators on an ongoing basis. Additional Information: Location is Massachusetts General Hospital Main Campus (Charles/MGH stop on the Red Line T). Hours and duration students are expected to commit are negotiable depending on the desired level of involvement. Students are encouraged to apply to the HCRP and other fellowships or register for a research course credit. To Apply: Please email your resume and contact information to Dr. Gupta ( or Dr. Tan ( (posted 2/2017)