Research Associate: Genomics, Neuroscience, and Technology (full-time)

Research Associate: Genomics, Neuroscience, and Technology
Prof. Gilad Evrony, Center for Human Genetics and Genomics Lab, New York University School of Medicine
full-time, post-graduation

The Evrony lab at NYU School of Medicine is looking to hire a Research Associate starting this summer. The Evrony Lab ( is dedicated to understanding the mechanisms by which the genome builds the brain, and we are creating exciting new single-cell genomics technologies to identify the molecular–genetic defects underlying brain diseases whose causes are not known. The lab is focused on creating foundational new technologies for genomics and neuroscience in order to answer these questions, especially single-cell genomics technologies. Research associates in the lab lead independent projects under the mentorship of the PI, and this can serve as a great place for building a portfolio of research accomplishments in preparation for applying to medical or graduate school. Duties and Responsibilities: Responsible for conducting independent basic science experimentation based on research conducted in the assigned laboratory under the mentorship of a senior scientist. Individual is expected to seek to build a portfolio of research accomplishments in preparation for acquiring a higher degree in biomedical research or medicine. Responsibilities include (1) generating hypotheses and designs and performs experiments to test them; (2) executing multiple experiments simultaneously over time independently; (3) recording all experimental findings in a laboratory notebook, analyze and interpret experimental findings; (4) based on results, independently suggesting and testing modifications to protocols; (5) preparing figures and diagrams for presentations and publications; (6) communicating results and collaborates with other professionals in the lab; (7) demonstrating a significant level of intellectual input into the design of the project; (8) presenting findings at lab meeting, responds to challenges, and participates in exchanges of ideas to advance the science; (9) reading and understanding relevant scientific literature; (10) contributing to the preparation of articles on research outcomes and progress and to the submission of same for publication; and (11) participating in the editing and proofing of grant proposals, annual grant reports, and manuscripts for publication and recommends modifications to the Principal Investigator. After a period of time working in the laboratory, the candidate will be expected to train graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in experimental design, technique and performance. Requirements and Expectations: To qualify you must have a College graduate with a B.S. or B.A. in Biomedical or Physical Sciences. A minimum commitment of two years is required and placement in position may not exceed three years. Qualified candidates must be able to effectively communicate with all levels of the organization. To Apply: Go to (posted 2/2020)