Research Fellowship in Psychology, Behavioral Economics, and Public Policy (full-time, post-graduation)

Research Fellowship in Psychology, Behavioral Economics & Public Policy
Prof. Jennifer Lerner, Decision Science Laboratory, Kennedy School of Government
full-time, post-graduation

Professor Jennifer S. Lerner, Harvard University, seeks a full-time research fellow/project manager. Drawing on psychology, economics, and neuroscience, our lab uses interdisciplinary methods to examine how people make judgments and decisions. We especially seek to understand and illuminate social and emotional underpinnings of decision processes. Across all areas, our work aims to expand the evidentiary base for designing public policies that maximize human wellbeing. Applicants can find out more about our research here and here. Responsibilities: The fellow will manage multiple aspects of the research process, including (1) recruiting and testing human subjects; (2) assisting with the design, programming, and administration of experiments; (3) conducting data analyses; (4) fulfilling administrative tasks (e.g. IRB submissions and revisions); (5) organizing lab meetings; and (6) helping fellow members of the lab.  Prior research fellows have also co-authored manuscripts for publication in scientific journals. Qualifications and Expectations: The position can begin as soon as Spring 2017 and must be filled by July 1, 2017.  Review of applications will take place on a rolling basis. Required Qualifications: Outstanding academic record and bachelor's degree in Psychology, Decision Science, Cognitive Science, Economics, Neuroscience, Statistics, Math, or related fields; excellent organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills; demonstrated interest or research experience in psychology; undergraduate level statistics course and skill with statistical analysis packages (e.g. Matlab, SPSS, R, Excel, etc.); ability to create accurate charts and graphs in MS Power Point; strong work ethic. Preferred qualifications: Master’s degree in Psychology, Decision Science, Cognitive Science, Economics, Neuroscience, Statistics, Math, or related fields; experience conducting independent research in psychology, behavioral economics, or a related field; strong computer programming skills. To Apply: Prepare one PDF document containing all of these: (a) a resume; (b) an unofficial college transcript; and (c) a cover letter addressed to Dr. Jennifer Lerner.  Send the PDF document to Ms. Klara Kabadian at the following address: (posted 3/2017)