Summer Fellowship Grant Guidelines 2022

If you have received our award e-mail, congratulations on receiving a Mary Gordon Roberts Fellowship for the summer of 2022! We have made our funded awards in concert with several other granting groups at Harvard, so that our partial funding can combine with other partial funding to give you a viable budget. We hope this fellowship and any co-awards will help you undertake a gratifying research experience and a successful thesis project. This page will provide you with details of your responsibilities as a Mary Gordon Roberts Fellow.

Purpose of Funds, Changes to Research Plan: We are providing you with this funding to do the research you described in your fellowship application. If you do not undertake this research this summer, you must return the amount of your grant. You must also consult with us if you change the topic of your research, as a new topic may not be eligible for our funding.

Acknowledgements: The financial support provided by the Mary Gordon Roberts Summer MBB Fellowship must be acknowledged in your thesis and any related publications or posters you prepare.

Presentations: As a Mary Gordon Roberts Fellow, you will be expected to present your research at an MBB event, for example an MBB poster session. This is in addition to your activities in the required thesis workshops next year.

Research Standards, Training, and Approvals: Before you begin your thesis research, we expect that you will receive appropriate animal training or human subjects approval as appropriate, and while you conduct your research, we expect that you will adhere to the professional standards for research in your discipline.


Dates and Deadlines

May 16th

Fellowship Acceptance 

To accept your fellowship and its terms noted above, and to allow us to process your award payment, complete the fellowship acceptance form you received with your award email and return it to MBB Financial Associate Andrea Martinez by 9 a.m., also copying Shawn Harriman.

July 15th

Mid-Summer Progress Report 

This report should be up to one page in length and describe the work you have done so far. You may also note any particular challenges, expected or unexpected, that you have confronted. Attach your write-up to a completed mid-summer progress report form, which your thesis advisor must sign to attest to your satisfactory progress. Once you mail this material to Shawn Harriman, we will process the second installment of your award.

August 31st

End-of-Summer Project Report 

Your final report should be one to two pages in length and should discuss what portion of your thesis project you completed, your findings if available, what you learned, the challenges and high points of your summer research, and how your research will shape your ongoing thesis work. Attach this report to your completed end-of-summer report form, which your thesis advisor must sign, and submit your material to Shawn Harriman.