Clinical Research Coordinator II (Technical/Computation Focus): Neuropsychiatry and Neuromodulation (full-time post-graduation)

Clinical Research Coordinator II (Technical/Computation Focus): Neuropsychiatry and Neuromodulation
Dr. Joan Camprodon, Laboratory for Neuropsychiatry and Neuromodulation, Massachusetts General Hospital / Medical School
full-time post-graduation

The Laboratory for Neuropsychiatry and Neuromodulation at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University is recruiting a full-time Clinical Research Coordinator II (CRC II) to join our lab and work on a variety of exciting and innovative human neuroscience projects under the mentorship of Dr. Joan Camprodon. Our laboratory is a multidisciplinary group conducting clinical, translational and basic neuroscience research with healthy and neuropsychiatric populations. We use a wide variety of techniques, including brain stimulation/neuromodulation (TMS, tDCS, ECT, DBS, etc.), neuroimaging, EEG, behavioral and clinical assessments. Additionally, the program includes the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) clinical service, which is tightly integrated with our research mission and where we treat neuropsychiatric populations. Responsibilities: The CRC II will work closely with investigators, post-docs, and study staff to oversee current and upcoming studies. The CRC II will be responsible for data collection, data management and particularly data analysis. Data collection includes TMS, tDCS, multimodal MRI, EEG, EMG, behavioral and neuropsychological tasks, and standardized clinical questionnaires. One of the CRC II primary roles will be performing MRI, EEG, EMG and behavioral data analysis and data quality control. Data analysis will include a variety of statistical methods and may require learning new software tools (e.g., R, SPM, FSL, Freesurfer, EEGLAB, MNE, PsychoPy, Presentation) or programming scripts (e.g., with Python, Matlab, SQL) that can be used by others. The CRC will participate in the production of scholarly reports, research abstracts, posters, and manuscripts for publication (including opportunities for first author roles when appropriate). Requirements and Expectations: The position requires high level technical and analytical skills, strong research and writing skills, and the ability and desire to work independently. Preference is given to candidates who are interested in clinical/translational research work as part of their long-term career. The following skills are required/preferred: (1) Bachelor's degree with at least 1 year of related research experience is required; (2) background in neuroscience, psychology, engineering or data science is preferred; (3) prior neuroimaging and/or EEG experience, including familiarity with fMRI and/or EEG data analysis (i.e. not just data acquisition) is required; (4) coding skills in programming language(s) (e.g. Python, Matlab, Unix, R) are required; (5) applicants with strong technical backgrounds in computer/data science or mathematics and an interest in applying these skills to neuroscience will be given high priority; (6) applicants with experience in psychological task design software (Presentation, E-Prime, Psychophysics Toolbox, PsychoPy) are encouraged to apply; (7) a strong background in statistical analysis software (R, SPSS, Stata) will also be given high priority; (8) strong interpersonal skills are a must; (9) good writing and editing skills, and solid PC or Mac computer skills required; (10) experience with clinical populations is preferred but not required; and (11) candidates must be highly organized, attentive to detail and able to work independently. Additional Information: Extensive training in brain stimulation, neuroimaging, neuroscience, translational/clinical research and writing skills will be provided. Strong scientific, technical and career development mentoring will be provided, as well as opportunities to publish and present at national conferences. Schedule: Full time, 40 hours weekly, days. Recruiting Department: Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry. Work Location: 149 13th Street, Charlestown. Employer: Massachusetts General Hospital is an Equal Opportunity Employer. By embracing diverse skills, perspectives and ideas, we choose to lead. Applications from protected veterans and individuals with disabilities are strongly encouraged. To Apply: Apply linked from position description at (posted 3/2022)