Clinical Research Coordinator: Neurodevelopment of Children Born Extremely Preterm (full time)

Clinical Research Coordinator: Neurodevelopment of Children Born Extremely Preterm
ELGAN-ECHO Study, Department of Neurology, Boston Children’s Hospital
full time, post graduation (start date spring 2020)

As Clinical Research Coordinator, you will be the site coordinator for the Extremely Low Gestational Age Newborn (ELGAN) study, a multi-site clinical research project that examines long-term neurodevelopment and medical outcomes of children born extremely preterm. This study is the third part of a longitudinal research project, and involves adolescent follow-up of children who have been previously evaluated at birth, two years of age, ten years of age, and fifteen years of age. In addition to exposure to neurobehavioral measures, the ELGAN study has a broader outreach in pediatric clinical and epidemiologic research through participation in the ECHO consortium. Responsibilities: This position is intended for a graduating senior or recent graduate interested in pursuing a career in medicine, psychology, or related fields. The position offers the opportunity to gain experience in clinical research and work closely with clinicians, adolescent participants, and their families. A successful applicant will be personable, organized, detail oriented, and have a strong academic background. The clinical research coordinator will be responsible for cohort maintenance (e.g., conducting frequent phone calls and mailings) and will manage all day-to-day study operations. The coordinator will work with both the site principal investigator and investigators and staff at the multisite coordinating center. The coordinator will attend study visits and administer developmental tests and questionnaires to parents and adolescents, as well as maintain the study database and score assessments. Requirements and Expectations: A two-year commitment is requested. Collaboration between studies: We are looking for applications to be trained and well versed in this study and the Fetal Heart and Brain Project. This position will require excellent communication and teamwork skills. Other Requirements: (1) Bachelor's/Master’s degree (ideally in neuroscience or a related field); (2) prior clinical research experience strongly preferred; (3) excellent interpersonal skills and comfortable talking to patients in stressful situations; (4) excellent non-verbal, verbal, and written communication skills; (5) highly organized and able to multi-task; (6) strong attention to detail; (7) ability to work well in a group and individually; (8) full time commitment of 2 years, 40 hours per week; and (9) work hours are generally 9 am – 5 pm but must have flexibility to accommodate patient schedules for evening and weekend study visits. To Apply: Interested applicants should email with a cover letter and a resume or CV. (posted 1/2020)