Current Faculty Interest Groups

Cross-Disciplinary MBB Music and Science Faculty Interest Group
Christopher Hasty, Ph.D., Nadine Gaab, Ph.D., and Lisa Wong, M.D.
What is the role of music in society? How does music relate to the development of language?  Can music be used therapeutically? The MBB faculty interest group on Music, Science and Medicine consists of approximately 25 participants from several graduate schools and the College. We will meet bimonthly to explore topics such as music’s relationship to time, rhythm, narrative, improvisation and social interaction to try to identify mutual research interests from a cross-disciplinary perspective. 

Ethical Issues in the Neurosciences
Robert Truog, M.D., Christine Mitchell, M.T.S., M.S., Edward Hundert, M.D., Thos Cochrane, M.D.
The group is for those who are interested in the many issues at the intersection of neuroscience and ethics. This includes ethical issues related to neuroscientific technologies and clinical care for patients with neurological disease, and also the neuroscience of ethical decision-making.

Emotion and Decision Processes in Health
Jennifer Lerner, Ph.D., Vaughan Rees, Ph.D., Ichiro Kawachi, M.D., Ph.D.
From mundane to major choices, emotion, decision making, and health are inevitably intertwined. However, there is not presently a unifying forum to promote collaboration on this topic among Harvard experts. Therefore, the Emotion, Decision Making, and Health Faculty Interest Group was formed to catalyze progress on this topic. The primary goals for the Interest Group, which emerged from the fruitful discussion during the kickoff meeting, would be as follows: 1. Discuss topics, issues, methods, and developing research ideas on emotion, decision making, and health; 2. Connect behavioral scientists and health practitioners; 3. Co-author commentary pieces on key topics; and 4. Collaborate on research and/or grant proposals..

Seminars in Brain and Behavior
Edward Kravitz, M.D., Patricia Musolino, M.D., Ph.D., John Dowling, Ph.D., Verne Caviness, M.D., D.Phil.
The Seminars in Brain and Behavior (SBB) are a highly successful group of faculty evening meetings that have been ongoing for the past 12 years. The overall goals are: (i) to bring together faculty members from all of Harvard University who share an interest in the nervous system and how it governs our mind, brain and behavior; (ii) to have sufficient contact time in an informal setting for attendees to actually get to know each other; and (iii) to form new research “Across-the-University” collaborations on interesting scientific questions.