Mary Gordon Roberts Summer MBB Fellows 2017

Mary Gordon Roberts Summer MBB Fellows 2017


MBB has selected its Mary Gordon Roberts Thesis Fellows for summer 2017. These undergraduates will be conducting senior thesis research this summer, and their fellowships include grants to enable this research. We congratulate the Fellows, listed below with concentration, project, and project advisor, and wish them a productive summer of research!

Defne Altan, Neurobiology
Linking body fat distribution to cognitive impairment, advisor Bruce Kristal (Medical School)

Julie Baldassano, Neurobiology
Expression patterns of nesting-related candidate genes in Peromyscus brains, advisor Hopi Hoekstra (Integrative Biology)

Lucas Conti, Neurobiology
Changes in dopamine transporter expression levels in vivo following cocaine intravenous self-administration, advisor Gunnar Sorensen (Medical School)

Melanie Fu, Neurobiology
Autonomic and brain activity concordance in patient/clinician dyads - a hyperscan fMRI study, advisor VItaly Napadow (Medical School)

Norma Hylton, Neurobiology
Evaluating complementary and alternative medicines for the treatment of major depressive disorder in human iPSC-derived neurons, advisor Stephen Haggarty (Medical School)

Rebecca Krane, History and Science
Archival research studying Isaac Newton Kerlin and the shaping of early American special education, advisor Allan Brandt (History of Science / Medical School)

Allura Landsberg, Neurobiology
Resting EEG activity as predictor of treatment response in depressed adolescents, advisor Randy Auerbach (Medical School)

Kayla McGarrell, History and Science
Affective and neurological development, advisor Leah Somerville (Psychology)

Jerry Nelluvelil, Linguistics and Neurobiology
Investigating context-dependency of scalar implicature through EEG, advisor Jesse Snedeker (Psychology)

Daniel Pohl, Neurobiology
Olfaction and dopaminergic neurons in mice, advisor Venkatesh Murthy (Molecular and Cellular Biology)

Anna Riley-Shepard, Psychology
The motor v memory abilities of effortful v non-effortful attention: Evidence from action-processing expertise in dancers, advisor George Alvarez (Psychology)

Lauren Sweetland-Martin, Neurobiology
Frontotemporal dementia, advisor Jessica Collins (Medical School)

Yixuan (Melody) Tong, Neurobiology
A novel skilled manipulandum-based task for motor learning in mice, behavioral and neural analyses, advisor Mackenzie Mathis (Molecular and Cellular Biology)