MBB Class of 2016


MBB celebrated the accomplishments of the Class of 2016 with a senior recognition ceremony on the morning of Wednesday, May 26th at the Harvard Faculty Club. The event included remarks by MBB Standing Committee co-chair Gennaro Chierchia (Hass Foundations Professor of Linguistics, FAS), MBB Initiative Co-Director Albert Galaburda (Emily Fisher Landau Professor of Neurology, HMS), MBB faculty member Edward Kravitz (George Packer Berry Professor of Neurobiology, HMS), and graduating senior Priyanka Sen ’16.

MBB is very proud to recognize its graduates among the Class of 2016. We are grateful that they have been part of the MBB community these past four years, and we wish them all the best in the future.

Caitlin Andrews, Secondary Field

Alice Berenson, Secondary Field

Nathaniel Casey, Secondary Field

Kelsey Clayman, Neurobiology Track

Allyson Covello, Neurobiology Track

Cailin Daley, Neurobiology Track

Kevin Einkauf, Secondary Field

Gabriella Giugliano, Neurobiology Track

Edward Grafstein, Secondary Field

Boyd Hampton, Secondary Field

Emily Hansman, Neurobiology Track

Dylan Hardenbergh, Linguistics Track

Sean Hardy, Neurobiology Track

Angie Jo, Secondary Field

Sreeja Kalapurakkel, History and Science Track

Jennifer Kizza, Neurobiology Track

Garrett Lam, Neurobiology and Philosophy Tracks

Claire Leibowicz, Psychology Track

Chelsea Lide, Psychology Track

Amanda Lin, Secondary Field

Andrew Mauboussin, Secondary Field

Rachel Moon, Secondary Field

Olivia Munk, Secondary Field

Onyeka Nnaemeka, Neurobiology Track

Julia Ostmann (March ’16), History and Science Track

Karim Pirbay, Philosophy Track

Tiffany Ramos, Neurobiology Track

Kimberly Reimold, Human Evolutionary Biology Track

Matthew Roberts, Secondary Field

Renajd Rrapi, Neurobiology Track

Alan Rozet, Secondary Field

Alexander Saich, Secondary Field

Matthew Seghers, Neurobiology Track

Priyanka Sen, Linguistics Track

Lauren Stone, Human Evolutionary Biology Track

Viet Tran, Secondary Field

Aaron Tucker, Computer Science Track

Shilpa Tummala, Neurobiology Track

Melissa Yuan, Neurobiology Track

Sekinat Jumai Yusuf, Neurobiology Track