MBB Class of 2022: Thesis Titles

Listed are the concentrations, thesis titles and thesis advisors with affiliations of track students.

Hannah Alton (Neuroscience), Developing Human Stem Cell Models to Probe Mechanisms of Therapeutic Psychedelics (advisor Stephen Haggarty, HMS)

Thet (Michelle) Aye (Neuroscience), Characterization of Drug Penetration through the Rhesus Monkey Blood-Brain-Barrier using MALDI Mass Spectrometry Imaging and Immunohistochemistry (advisors Nathalie Agar, HMS & Sylwia Stopka, HMS & Elisa York, HMS) 

Jacob Blair (Neuroscience-Philosophy), We Can’t All Be Right: The Neural Correlates of Distinguishing between Fact and Opinion Statements in a Political Context (advisor Mina Cikara, FAS/Psychology)

Alexandre Chaumette (Neuroscience), Psychosocial Adversity and Language Learning Outcomes of 2- and 5-year-old Bangladeshi Children: An fNIRS Analysis (advisor Charles Nelson, HMS)

Sheila De La Cruz (Neuroscience), Maternal Depression and Infant Internalizing Behaviors: Potential Mediation and Moderation Roles of EEG Frontal Alpha Asymmetry and Child Opportunity Index (advisor Charles Nelson, HMS)

Jenny Gan (Neuroscience), Investigating Alterations in Neural Responses During Evoked Pain Following Mindfulness Intervention in Patients with Anxiety and Depression (advisors Zev Schuman-Olivier, HMS & Mike Datko, HMS)

Andrew Siyoon Ham (Neuroscience), Nociceptor Control over Resolution of Inflammation and Tissue Repair in the Skin (advisor Clifford Woolf, HMS) 

Katrina Hon (Neuroscience), Sexual Dimorphism of the Hippocampus Structure and Function in Psychosis (advisor Marek Kubicki, HMS) 

Pechthida Kim (Psychology), The Evaluative Nature of Summaries (advisors Tomer Ullman, FAS/Psychology and Julian De Freitas, HBS)

Elizabeth Kinard (Neuroscience), Opioid Dependence and Withdrawal-Driven Modulations of Feeding Behavior in Male and Female Rats (Elena Chartoff, HMS)

Caroline Kremer (Neuroscience), Perceptual Hypersensitivity to Sound Following Acoustic Trauma (advisor Daniel Polley, HMS)

Darius Lam (Computer Science), Video Representation Learning via Actons (advisor Hanspeter Pfister, FAS/SEAS) 

Huong Le (Neuroscience), Molecular RNA and protein machinery within subtype-specific corticospinal neurons and their synapses as potential underpinnings of selective vulnerability in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (advisor Jeffrey Macklis, FAS/HMS, Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology)

Uriel Martinez (Neuroscience), An Exploration of the Relationship between REM Theta Power Spectral Density and Extinction Retention (advisor Edward Pace-Schott, HMS) 

Te Palandjian (Philosophy), Taking People as They Could Be? Social Ethos and the Viability of Social Egalitarianism (advisor Lucas Stanczyk, FAS/Philosophy) 

Abigail Pan (Neuroscience), Investigations of Exercise-Induced Neuroprotection: NMR Analyses of Blood Based Biomarks(advisor Erin Hecht, FAS/Human Evolutionary Biology) 

Anastasia Ryhanych (Neuroscience), Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Based Individualized Mapping of the Lateral Salience System in Major Depressive Disorder (advisor Matthew Sacchet, HMS)

Jason Xiliang Shen (Neuroscience), Mapping Aggression Neurocircuitry in a UBE3A Mouse Model of Autism (advisors Matthew Anderson, HMS & Clifford Saper, HMS)

Zoya Surani (Neuroscience), Determining the relationship between psychosocial adversity and children’s executive functioning: an fMRI study (advisor Nadine Gaab, GSE)