MBB Theses, Class of 2021

Isabella Beckett (Neuroscience), Molecular Mechanisms Mediating the Effect of Fever on Social Behavior in Mice (advisor Catherine Dulac, Molecular and Cellular Biology/FAS)

Ashley Cooper (Neuroscience), Racism’s Health Harm on Black Youth Mental Health: From (Neuro)Scientific Orthodoxy to Neuroscience as a Vessel of Visibility (advisors Marisa Silveri, HMS & Byron Good, Anthropology/FAS)

William Drew (Computer Science), Precomputed Human Connectome for Brain Lesion Network Mapping, Lesion Segmentation, and Predictive Modeling of Stroke Symptom (Michael Fox, HMS)

Emmanuel Garrison-Hooks (Neuroscience), Mouse Foraging Behavior in a Dynamic Virtual Environment (advisor Naoshige Uchida, Molecular and Cellular Biology/FAS)

Jonathan Garzon (Neuroscience), Utilizing a novel naturalistic paradigm to systematically assess social need in WT and ASD mice (advisor Catherine Dulac, Molecular and Cellular Biology/FAS)

Debolina Ghosh (Neuroscience), Investigating the Role of Klf9 in the Division Pattern and Differentiation of Neural Stem Cells in the Adult Hippocampus (advisor Amar Sahay, HMS)

Kristen Gilyard (Neuroscience), The Implicit Learning Processes in Young Adults during Artificial Grammar Learning Tasks (advisor Yael Arbel, HMS)

Joshua Glauser (Neuroscience), Neural Measures of Social Attention as an Indicator of Communication and Social Development in Infants at-risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder (advisor Carol Wilkinson, HMS)

Daniella Gomez-Ochoa (Neuroscience), The effect of parental monitoring on epigenetic age and CRP levels among young adults in the ALSPAC cohort (advisors Erin Dunn, HMS & Alexandre Lussier, HMS)

Catherine Ho (Neuroscience MBB), Aging, Episodic Retrieval, and Metacognition during Everyday Problem Solving (advisor Daniel Schacter, Psychology/FAS)

Helen Huang (Computer Science), The Net Work of Networks: The Effect of Immersion on Analyzing Network Diagrams (advisor Hanspeter Pfister, Computer Science/SEAS/FAS)

Stacy Jo (Human Evolutionary Biology), Voluntary pitch control: An experimental study of pitch matching in domestic dog howling (advisor Erin Hecht, Human Evolutionary Biology/FAS)

Emily Johns (Neuroscience), An Analysis of the Neural Correlates of Psychosis: From Antiquity to Modern Research (advisors Martha Shenton, Psychology/FAS & Mark Schiefsky, Classics/FAS)

Ahan Malhotra (Computer Science), Improving API Reference Documentation: A Cognitivist Approach to Design and Evaluation (advisor Elena Glassman, Computer Science/SEAS/FAS)

Kira Medish (History and Science), What Lies Behind Our Eyes: Technological, Epistemic and Ethical Challenges of Lie Detection (advisor Vi Le, History of Science/FAS)

Claire Millett (Neuroscience), Calcium Signaling in Schizophrenia: Exploring the Role of CACNA1C in Human Synaptogenesis with High-Throughput Imaging (advisor Kevin Eggan, Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology/FAS)

Kevin Ogonuwe (Neuroscience), The Marginalized Mind in Crisis: Racism-Related Adversity Alters Neurobehavioral Response to Threat and Portends Risk of Internalizing Psychopathology (advisors Kate McLaughlin, Psychology/FAS & Alexander Rodman, Psychology/FAS)

Ifedayo Omotunde (Neuroscience), Effect of SRGAP2 Knockout on Temporal Properties of Critical Periods in Visual, Auditory, and Anterior Cingulate Cortices (advisor Takao Hensch, Molecular and Cellular Biology/FAS)

Paulina Piwowarczyk (Neuroscience), Predictability and detectability affect processing of syntactic category violations: An EEG study (advisor Jesse Snedeker, Psychology/FAS)

Nivedita Ravi, Neuroscience), The Modern Infant Listening Subject: Examining White Matter Organization, Music Environment, and Listening in Early Childhood (advisors Nadine Gaab, GSE & Suzannah Clark, Music/FAS)

Vanessa Roser (Neuroscience), Towards a Neural Mechanism of Associative Learning: Phasic Dopamine Activity Shifts from Rewards to Cues during Conditioning (advisor Naoshige Uchida, Molecular and Cellular Biology/FAS)

Aba Sam (Neuroscience), The Fever Effect: Behavioral Changes Induced by Fever in Autistic Mouse Model CNTNAP2-/- (advisor Catherine Dulac, Molecular and Cellular Biology/FAS)

Isabella Shaw (Neuroscience), Hippocampal Correlations: A Fine-Scale, Trial-Specific Investigation of the Subcortical Brain and Distributed Cortical Networks Within Individuals (advisor Randy Buckner, Psychology/FAS)

Taylor Shirtliff-Hinds (Neuroscience), Troublesome Teenagers: Developing an Experimental Paradigm to Quantify Socially Mediated Alcohol Consumption in Juvenile Mus musculus (advisor Catherine Dulac, Molecular and Cellular Biology/FAS)

Zoi Urban (Neuroscience), Mapping the Emotional Mind: Investigating the Fornix Using Diffusion MRI-Based Tractography Techniques (advisor Anastasia Yendiki, HMS)

Karina Nicole Walter (History and Science), "Help Wanted:" AI Hiring Tools and the Future of Diversity in the Workplace in Corporate, Media, and Activist Discourse (advisor (advisor Meg Perret, History of Science & Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality/FAS)