Mary Gordon Roberts Summer MBB Fellows 2019

May 30, 2019

MBB has selected its Mary Gordon Roberts Thesis Fellows for summer 2019. These undergraduates will be conducting senior thesis research this summer, and their fellowships include grants to enable this research. Support for these fellowships have been provided by Mary Gordon Roberts, the Gordon family, and the Office of the President and Provost. We congratulate our 2019 Fellows, listed below with concentration, project, and project advisor, and wish them a productive summer of research!

Sopefoluwa Adeleye, Neurobiology
Early enclosomal and lysosomal dysregulation in late onset Alzheimer’s Disease (advisor Tracy Young-Pearse, HMS)

Aafreen Azmi, Computer Science
Detecting, predicting, and classifying seizures in focal epilepsy (advisor Sydney Cash, HMS)

Jesse Barrera, Philosophy
Personal Projects theory as a philosophical account of well-being (advisor Arthur Applbaum, HKS)

Elizabeth Bernstein, Neurobiology
Inflammasome activity and regulation in an adolescent mouse model of traumatic brain injury (advisor Michael Whalen, HMS)

Emily Bosworth, Neurobiology
Interplay of oxytocin and vasopressin on social behavior using marmoset models (advisor Feng Guoping, MIT)

Anne Marie Crinnion, Psychology
Conceptual representation of numbers: A study of encyclopedic numbers (advisor Alfonso Caramazza, Psychology/FAS)

Kelsey Ichikawa, Neurobiology
Help us or hurt them? Neural correlates of learned out-group harm (advisor Mina Cikara, Psychology/FAS)

Jusung Kim, Neurobiology
Attentional modulation of binocular rivalry in visual cortex (advisor Richard Born, HMS)

Spencer Kim, Neurobiology
The role of the ventral striatum in olfactory learning (advisor Venkatesh Murthy, Molecular and Cellular Biology/FAS)

Taimur Kouser, Neuroscience and Philosophy
An analysis of human cortical layer 1 and its philosophical implications (advisor Jeff Lichtman, Molecular and Cellular Biology, HMS)

Chloe Li, Neurobiology
Musical training and its effects on brain development in typical and atypical development (advisor Jennifer Zuk, HMS)

Katherine Miclau, Neurobiology
Task-dependent suppression of individually-identified distributional networks (DN-A & DN-B) (advisor Randy Buckner, Psychology/FAS)

Miranda Mize, Neurobiology
Neural basis for atypical facial emotion recognition in five-year-olds: A fNIRS study (advisor Charles Nelson, HMS)

Audrey Mustoe, Neurobiology
Cognitive effects of nicotine and marijuana use on the adolescent brain (advisor Randi Schuster, HMS)

Nadeen Odeh, Neurobiology
Examining cortical thickness and developing treatment in prosopagnosics (advisor Joseph De Gutis, HMS)

Oliver Piltch, Human Evolutionary Biology
Analysis of sleep and dream data from NASA-Mir missions (advisor Robert Stickgold, HMS)

Daniel Ragheb, Neuroscience
Don’t blame me, I’m emotional: An analysis of emotion’s impact on neurobiology and decision-making (advisor Joshua Buckholtz, Psychology/FAS)

Margaret Reynolds, Neurobiology
Resting EEG theta/beta ratio as a mediator/moderator of early institutionalization on adolescent reward sensitivity (advisor Charles Nelson, HMS)

Kenneth Shinozuka, Neurobiology
Alzheimer’s, consciousness, and time (advisor Rudolph Tanzi, HMS)

Rebecca Soilson, Neurobiology
Disruption of amyloid-beta aggregates using quantum dot nanoparticles (advisor Shaun Patel, HMS)

Madison Thompson, Molecular and Cellular Biology
Rehabilitation techniques for patients with spinal cord injuries (advisor Randy Trumbower, HMS)

Raymond Wang, Computer Science
Bio-inspired improvements to models for computer vision (advisor Colin Conwell, Psychology/FAS)

Samantha White, Neuroscience
How functional connectivity of the anterior insula and dorsal anterior cingulate cortex relates to PTSC and anxiety disorders (advisor Isabelle Rosso, HMS)

Victor Yang, Computer Science
Interictal detection of seizure onset zone for surgical planning (Joseph Madsen, HMS)

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