MBB Class of 2018

June 7, 2018

Congratulations to the MBB Class of 2018!

Mind Brain Behavior extends warm congratulations to the Class of 2018. Our graduates include 48 seniors completing track and secondary field programs, and this class was our largest in 12 years and included our largest group of secondary field graduates ever. We recognized our graduating students with a ceremony held the morning of Wednesday, May 23rd at the Harvard Faculty Club. The event included remarks by MBB Standing Committee co-chair Gennaro Chierchia (Haas Foundations Professor of Linguistics, FAS), MBB Initiative Co-Director Albert Galaburda (Emily Fisher Landau Professor of Neurology and Neuroscience, HMS), MBB faculty member Edward Kravitz (George Packer Berry Professor of Neurobiology, HMS), and graduating senior Jerry Nelluvelil. We are proud of our graduates, wish them all the very best in their coming endeavors, and look forward to their future accomplishments.

Defne Altan, Neurobiology Track
Sarah Anderson, MBB Secondary Field
Kira Brenner, Neurobiology Track
Christopher Cantrell, MBB Secondary Field
Sarah Chapman, MBB Secondary Field
Mia Charifson, Human Evolutionary Biology Track
Andrea Colon-Perez, Neurobiology Track
Lucas Conti, Neurobiology Track
Siri Diaz-Granados, MBB Secondary Field
Anjali Fernandes, MBB Secondary Field
Melanie Fu, Neurobiology Track
Lydia Goldberg, MBB Secondary Field
Mason Hale, MBB Secondary Field
Waverley He, Neurobiology Track
Norma Hylton, Neurobiology Track
Ellery Jones, Neurobiology Track
Adrianne Kehne, MBB Secondary Field
Zoé Kibbelaar, MBB Secondary Field
Juliet Kim, MBB Secondary Field
Rebecca Krane, History and Science Track
Brigheil Lalor, MBB Secondary Field
Allura Landsberg, Neurobiology Track
Jessie Laurore, History and Science Track
Catherine Le, MBB Secondary Field
Maya Learned, MBB Secondary Field
Emerson Lee, Neurobiology Track
Yuhui Liu, Computer Science Track
Eliza Llewellyn, MBB Secondary Field
Alyyah Malick, MBB Secondary Field
Sufia Mehmood, MBB Secondary Field
Ajay Nathan, MBB Secondary Field
Jerry Nelluvelil, Linguistics and Neurobiology Tracks
Harry Newman-Plotnick, Neurobiology Track
Isabel O’Sullivan, Neurobiology Track
Daniel J. Pohl, Neurobiology Track
Zarin Rahman, Neurobiology Track
Alexander Reed, MBB Secondary Field
Anna Riley-Shepard, Psychology Track
Dino Rodriguez, MBB Secondary Field
Laura Schell, MBB Secondary Field
Raahil Sha, Computer Science Track
Archana Somasegar, MBB Secondary Field
Wynne Stagnaro, Neurobiology Track
Lauren Sweetland-Martin, Neurobiology Track
Yixuan Melody Tong, Neurobiology Track
Emily Tran, MBB Secondary Field
Catherine Wu, MBB Secondary Field

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