MBB Class of 2019

May 30, 2019

Congratulations to the MBB Class of 2019!

Mind Brain Behavior extends warm congratulations to the Class of 2019. Our graduates include 39 seniors completing track and secondary field programs. We recognized our graduating students with a ceremony held the morning of Wednesday, May 29th at the Harvard Faculty Club. The event included a welcome from MBB Education Program Coordinator Shawn Harriman and remarks by MBB Initiative Co-Director Albert Galaburda (Emily Fisher Landau Professor of Neurology and Neuroscience, HMS), MBB faculty member Edward Kravitz (George Packer Berry Professor of Neurobiology, HMS), and graduating senior Theodora Mautz. We are proud of our graduates, wish them all the very best in their coming endeavors, and look forward to their future accomplishments.

Amma Nyarko Ababio, History and Science Track

Julia Canick, MBB Secondary Field (March 2019 degree)

Kyler James Chase, Computer Science Track

Cindy Chau, Neurobiology Track

Vivian Chen, MBB Secondary Field (March 2019 degree)

Holly Christensen, MBB Secondary Field

Sarah Saewon Chun, Neuroscience Track

Mark Éliás Czeisler, Neurobiology Track

Makeda Daniel, History and Science Track

Shenyece Ferguson, Neuroscience Track

Heather Middlebrook Forbes, Neuroscience Track

Calais Galbraith, MBB Secondary Field

Gabriel Grand, Computer Science Track (March 2019 degree)

Isabelle Iversen, Neurobiology Track

Anahita Kalra Iyer, Neurobiology Track

Taylor Renee Joyce, Linguistics Track

Eun Jae Kim, Neuroscience Track

James Lennon, Computer Science Track

Karen Malacon, Neurobiology Track

Daniel Manning, MBB Secondary Field

Theodora Mautz, Neuroscience Track

Orgilmaa Munkhbaatar, Neurobiology Track

Sienna Rose Nielsen, Psychology Track

MaryTheresa Chinazaekpere Ochi, Neurobiology Track

Amil Osmani, MBB Secondary Field

Natalie Purcell, MBB Secondary Field

Leslie J. Ramos, Neurobiology Track

Suproteem Kumar Sarkar, Computer Science Track

Christian Savarese, Linguistics Track

Emma Stone, Neuroscience Track

Duncan Bayard Stothers, Computer Science Track

Eileen Sullivan, Neurobiology

Ellie Underwood, Neurobiology Track

Olivia Raquel Velasquez, MBB Secondary Field

Saloni Vishwakarma, MBB Secondary Field

Jen Xu, MBB Secondary Field

Megan Yerton, Neurobiology Track

Sofia Zoullas, Neurobiology Track


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