Research Assistant Position: Neural Architecture and Behavior (spring and summer)

Research Assistant Position: Neural Architecture and Behavior
Dr. Sasha Rayshubskiy, Rowland Institute, Harvarrd University
Spring and Summer 2021

Our lab is interested in neural architectures that define persistent states in animal behavior. For example, how does the brain configure the motor control system to coordinate movements during the persistent state of cooking and how is it configured differently when we’re in a persistent state of playing basketball? We address these questions in the fruit fly – Drosophila melanogaster – because the electron microscopy level circuit diagram of many neural circuits in the fly’s brain has recently become available to the public. As a result, these anatomically-based circuit diagrams are generating hypothesis about circuit function at an unprecedented rate. We are looking to recruit an undergraduate researcher to help work with this anatomical data to help us understand the function of these circuits. Requirements and Expectations: Skills required: Basic knowledge of programming. Knowledge of basic concepts in neuroscience and proficiency with Python or R is desired. Number of hours: Students are expected to commit 10 hours/week during the semester and full time (35 hours/week) during the summer period. Additional Information: Based on their contributions, students will be co-authors on scientific manuscripts. Laboratory information: See research section of Student stipend: This position pays $15/hour. Learning outcomes: At the end of the training, the student will (1) learn to analyze detailed descriptions of neural anatomical data; (2) build neural circuits from anatomical data and devise models of their potential function; and (3) learn how to interpret results of scientific papers related to our research work. Mentoring: Sasha Rayshubskiy will be a direct supervisor and mentor of the student. We will meet at least weekly and as much as needed to discuss work and progress. The student will also work with postdoctoral fellows in the laboratory and will be able to attend lab meetings and journal clubs, where they will have an opportunity to present. To Apply: Please send a CV and a cover letter expressing interest, goals and anticipated availability to Sasha Rayshubskiy ( (posted 1/2021)