Technical Research Assistant I: Translational Psychiatry (full time)

Technical Research Assistant I
Prof. Darrick Balu, Translational Psychiatry Laboratory, Basic Neuroscience Division, McLean Hospital
full time post graduation (beginning June 2020)

A research technician position is available in the Basic Neuroscience Division at McLean Hospital. The Balu laboratory uses mouse genetics in combination with a wide array of biochemical and molecular biology techniques to study the neurobiology of schizophrenia and to understand how reactive glial D-serine is involved in Alzheimer’s Disease and traumatic brain injury The successful applicant will be working under the general supervision of a Principal Investigator and a postdoctoral fellow, conducting a variety of routine experiments with established methodologies. Responsibilities: The technician will be involved in many different aspects of the laboratory, including but not limited to the following: (1) mouse colony management; (2) ordering general lab supplies and maintaining and an inventory; (3) preparing laboratory reagents and chemicals; (4) Western blotting; (5) qPCR; (6) dissections; (7) histological analysis of brain sections including sectioning, immunohistochemistry, and microscopy; (8) stereotaxic surgery; (9) mouse behavior; and (1) collecting and analyzing data using basic statistics. Requirements and Expectations: BS or BA in a biological sciences or psychology required. Graduate with relevant course or project work. Experience with rodents preferred. Skills/abilities/competencies required are (1) good interpersonal and communication skills; (2) good organizational skills, detail oriented; (3) ability to perform a variety of routine tests and prioritize work; (4) knowledge of computer programs, databases, etc.; and (5) ability to demonstrate professionalism. Successful candidate must possess basic computer skills in order to use a variety of electronic systems to access and/or maintain personal employment-related data, satisfy required annual trainings, and use job-specific applications. All employees of McLean Hospital are assigned an email account for business communication purposes. Candidate must also be able to consistently demonstrate McLean Values of integrity, compassion and respect, diversity and teamwork, excellence and innovation in their work activities and interactions.
To Apply: Apply via link from job listing page at (posted 2/2020)