MBB "Small" Faculty Awards

2018-2019 "Small" Faculty Award Deadline - 12 January 2018

The Mind Brain Behavior Interfaculty Initiative is pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for “small” MBB faculty awards. These awards fall into the $500 to $15,000 range and might typically be used for:

  • Purchasing research equipment and supplies;
  • Paying study participants and/or research assistants;
  • Expenses associated with the planning and execution of an interdisciplinary workshop, conference, or seminar;
  • Supplementing other project costs;
  • Other academic activities

All Harvard faculty members who currently work or wish to work in MBB-related fields are encouraged to apply. Please note: these awards cannot be used for salary support of faculty.

The small MBB faculty awards will support projects in FY18 - projects that are carried out between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. These small awards are intended to support faculty members who want to examine MBB-related issues through interdisciplinary research, education, or other academic experiences. Proposals must be explicitly cross-disciplinary, involving at least two principals from different disciplines.

EXPECTATIONS: Award recipients will be expected to:

  • Communicate their interdisciplinary experience and scholarly results. This might include a presentation to an MBB audience or a written report.
  • Submit a final report to MBB, including financial summary, at the end of the award period.
  • Submit copies of any papers or publications that result from the research, and acknowledge their MBB award in such papers and publications.
APPLICATION DEADLINE:  January 12, 2018. We cannot accept late submissions.


2018-2019 MBB Smaller Faculty Awards Application.docx50 KB