John E. Dowling

John E. Dowling

Gordon and Llura Gund Research Professor of Neurosciences
Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology

I have long studied the vertebrate retina, using it as a model piece of the brain.  With students and colleagues, we have studied its functional organization including its synaptic organization, the light  responses of individual retinal cells, and the neurotransmitters/modulators  used by the retinal cells to communicate information.  In recent years, we have focused on the zebrafish retina, carrying out forward-genetic studies as well studies on its tetrachromatic color vision system.  I have now closed my laboratory but am presently working with Jeff Lichtman’s group and others to reconstruct the human fovea in three dimensions.

Ryan Draft

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies, Neurobiology
Jan Drugowitsch

Jan Drugowitsch

Assistant Professor of Neurobiology

Our lab uses computational methods to address the processing of uncertain information by the nervous system, and its consequences for behavior.

Harvard Medical School
Warren Alpert 215
200 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
p: 617-432-5026