Reflecting its broad nature, MBB offers a range of advising to students in or exploring the study of mind/brain/behavior. All advisors are happy to meet with students and help them craft the best experience possible.

General MBB Advising

Education Program Coordinator Shawn Harriman can answer general questions about MBB and its various programs. In particular, he can help pre-concentrators compare program options and can provide both general and specific advising to MBB secondary field students. You can e-mail Shawn at to ask a question or to schedule an appointment.

MBB Track Advising

Because tracks are programs within existing concentrations, advising about them occurs primarily through concentration advisors. Shawn Harriman can sometimes provide basic information about track programs, but the best and most definitive source of information about them will come from advisors in the respective concentrations; see righthand sidebar for details.

The MBB Board of Faculty Advisors

Students are also strongly encouraged to meet with MBB faculty to discuss their interests and course options, and MBB has created a Board of Faculty Advisors to provide you with general advice about the kinds of courses you might take, about MBB and its constituent disciplines, methodologies, and questions; about how to become involved in MBB research; and about career development. Board members are available to any students in or exploring MBB programs, and may be particularly useful to pre-concentrators and to secondary field students.

This year's board consists of faculty from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and from Harvard Medical School who have been involved in a broad range of MBB programs over a number of years; to schedule an appointment with one of these advisors, e-mail them.