Undergraduate Courses

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Harvard offers many courses addressing topics and approaches in the study of mind, brain, and behavior. These include courses across the university, and some graduate/professional school courses are open to undergraduates (in particular, some courses in Medical Sciences at the Medical School and in Cognitive Development and Education at the School of Education).

Many departments in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences offer mind/brain/behavior-related courses, particularly in core disciplines including computer science, history of science, human evolutionary biology, linguistics, neurobiology, philosophy, psychology. The freshman seminar and general education programs also include MBB-related courses.

The Mind/Brain/Behavior program itself offers a small number of courses, primarily its interdisciplinary seminars, but also summer courses in Trento, Italy, and a term-time independent research course. Our seminars are open to all undergraduates, with MBB juniors (in a track or our secondary field) receiving enrollment priority. The Trento courses are available by application to Harvard Summer School, and our research course is available to any undergraduate.