Mind Brain Behavior tracks have been designed for students who wish to integrate their interests in mind/brain/behavior with their concentration, and who wish to pursue research as part of their learning experience. Students who complete the requirements common to all MBB tracks as noted below, as well as the requirements of their concentration, will be awarded a Certificate in Mind Brain Behavior in addition to their A.B. degree.


(Students must also complete requirements specific for their home concentration.)

Concentration Requirement

Students must concentrate in one of our participating concentrations. Currently, these include computer science, history and science, human evolutionary biology, linguistics, neuroscience/neurobiology, philosophy, and psychology.

Senior Thesis Requirement

Students must write a senior thesis on a topic in mind brain behavior that has been approved by their concentration.

Coursework Requirement

Students must complete the following three courses, which lay a foundation and address issues and topics relevant to mind/brain/behavior:

Interdisciplinary Requirement

Students must participate in two, non-credit, MBB-planned events that emphasize interactions among students across tracks.



Students must complete a certificate application in the second semester of their senior year. This year, the application must be filed by Friday, April 8th for May 2022 graduates. Note: Be sure to attach your thesis abstract and course record to the application; this course record does not need to be an official transcript.



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