Research Course

MBB 90r is an individual research tutorial. You arrange the tutorial yourself, identifying a faculty member who will serve as your research supervisor for a project related to her/his research program. To identify labs or faculty, you may consult this website’s Research Opportunities section or contact Shawn Harriman in the Mind/Brain/Behavior office, faculty advisors in MBB tracks, and the MBB Board of Faculty Advisors.

Your work in this course will be determined by your research supervisor, and usually entails regular weekly hours in her/his laboratory or research program. You will be expected to e-mail a one-page progress report to the Mind/Brain/Behavior Office by Wednesday, October 12th for the fall term or Wednesday, March 1st for the spring term.. At the end of the semester you will submit a completed research report to your supervisor and to the Mind/Brain/Behavior Offices by Friday, December 9th for the fall or Wednesday, May 3rd for the spring. Your grade will be based on your work in the lab and on your written reports, and will be due from your research supervisor by Friday, December 16th for the fall or Wednesday, May 10th for the spring.

To enroll in the course, you should complete an application (linked from the bottom of this page) and submit it by noon on Wednesday, September 7th for the fall or Thursday, January 26th for the spring. Email Shawn Harriman for the application form. This deadline is for including the course in your Crimson Cart, as our faculty need to review your application and we need to approve the course by course registration day (formerly Study Card Day, September 8th or January 27th). Your research supervisor should not sign your study card. We are also willing to accept applications after the initial course registration deadline (Study Card Day), as we know it can take several days to finalize details for research projects. For very late applications, keep in mind that the add/drop deadline is Monday, October 3rd in the fall and Tuesday, February 21st in the spring, and we will need several days review time before that.

Course Catalog Description

Mind, Brain, & Behavior 90r, Supervised Research in Topics in Mind/Brain/Behavior
Florian Engert and MBB Faculty, fall 2016 and spring 2017
Half course (fall term; repeated spring term). Hours to be arranged.
Note: Application required. (fall class number 11426, spring class number 11402, course ID both semesters 125466)

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