Research and Other Opportunities

MBB is often asked to advertise research opportunities to its undergraduates, and we encourage you to consider these options. Our listings come from faculty and researchers from across the university, and occasionally from outside Harvard. We update this page frequently and each year list dozens of positions, although this is by no means an all-encompassing listing of all undergraduate research positions dealing with topics in mind/brain/behavior. Our listings are largely for positions in labs and research programs in psychology (FAS) and at the Medical School, and also sometimes include positions in other FAS life science areas and at the Business School, the Kennedy School, and the School of Education. Positions in recent semesters have included opportunities to study neuroimaging, social cognitive development, intergroup relations, decision science, social cognitive and affective neuroscience, developmental medicine, cognitive neuroscience, aggression, perceptual studies, developmental disabilities, social psychology and law, and global child mental health.

Remember to consult with your home concentration if you would like to consider course credit for any of these listings (or MBB if you would like to get credit through the MBB 90r research course. Also check with your concentration if you would like to consider any of these projects evolving into a senior thesis.

Click on the following position titles for a complete description of the opportunity.


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